Assistant for Keynote 앱 리뷰

Will not open (and stay open) under El Capitan, even

As others have reported, this app currently (2018-02-09) only starts up and opens a grey window, then shows the spinning wheel/gears (not the ‘beachball of death’), and after a while, crashes, leaving open just Apple’s error report window. At this point, I don’t for sure recall if I *ever* had it work for me beyond opening up and crashing. But this app isn’t worth the space it took up on my drive, that’s for sure! Very disappointed at the shoddy job of programming on this app.

Assistant for Keynote

It doesn’t even open? Why is this program available….Obviously they aren’t going to fix it.

Continual Quitting

In attempting to open it it kept quitting, so I never could use it. Version 2.4 is disappointing. Unless they fix it, don’t bother downloading it.

It’s busted.

It’s easy to review this program. It does not load so is not worth the bother for you to even try.

Template looks cool

This company has been pretty good template. Because it seems that a famous designer to do one by one. And other templates or do not feel the same.

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